BSN is recognized as professional payroll processing company, with experienced staff in handling corporate payroll services with the ability to tailor a solution which specifically suits the needs of any organization.

Find the right payroll services tailored to match the needs of your business, whatever your number of employees.

For our clients we offer payroll service in which you just have to provide the attendance sheet of your employees and we will provide you the best salary calculations for them which will further save you from the additional burden.

Benefits of our payroll services are:

  • Reduce Time: It lessens both time and resources to calculate salary, pay days, and tax preparation and employee data. 
  • Easy Integration: It’s easy to integrate leave and attendance for payroll calculations.
  • Compliances Management: Complex compliance calculation related to PF, ESI, PT and TDS can be automated
  • Lodgment Services : yearend IT Calculation ( Re-imbursement/FBP)
  • Less Error Possibilities: Manually entering salary calculation leaves the possibilities of human errors and discrepancy. Our Payroll management software avoids such acts.

Our service providers handle all of a business’s payroll processing, tax filings and payments.  Our human resources and payroll services are performed using the newest technologies. BSN guarantee security and confidentiality of our customer’s data.
We are one of the most reliable Payroll Process & Company with PF and ESIC Consultant as well.

Assistance we offer under our payroll services:                                                  

  • Salary Structuring to get maximum tax benefits.
  • Monthly payroll processing with PRS, Salary JV and Bank advise.
  • Customized reports like variance, Head count, project wise, etc.
  • Generation of Form 16, ETDS returns. IT help desk and HR help desk for employees.
  • Employee query handling process.

Access to our portal will be provided to our clients for a better management along with the following features:

  • Pay slip
  • PF YTD Statement
  • Salary YTD Statement
  • IT Computation statement
  • IT declaration Online
  • Leave Module
  • HR Bulletin Board

We ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing.