We deal with PAN INDIA to work and survive in the global market of recruitment and employment providing you the best pandemic opportunities.

We are an automatic revenue generating system.

BSN provides our channel partners to stand out in the market and grab the best out of all opportunities by collaborating with us.

Payroll Services-

Get the payroll business at your centre and we will ensure great profits and less workload for you. Earn lifetime revenue from our payroll services till the time your candidate is registered with us. We save your time and money by providing accurate payroll with exceptional customer service every time. We ensure a full time service and low-cost payroll preparations for our channel partners.

Third Party Payroll Services –

A full responsibility of the candidates will be taken by us ensuring a lifetime earning for our channel partners. Earn a longtime royalty with BSN.

Manpower Outsourcing-

A proper access to our openings will be provided to our channel partners for a proper coordination and accessibility to all the data making it a indelible opportunity to earn the most out of it in a long run.

Training and Hiring-

A model of training and hiring is available with BSN where requirements according to the clients will be accessible to our channel partners for a better training guidance to the candidates.

Self Employment Courses-

“As the Indian economy witnesses a slowdown , working together and growing together is the best solution one can witness now”

Also, when it comes to job creation, our Self Employment Certification courses are definitely the best choices one can have. Earn the best amount over our training programs which will be fully designed by BSN’s specialists.
Our courses will boost your business level to higher competitive one with global presence. Check them out 🙂

Generate revenue on the training programs with us.


Portal support-

Easy and convenient support to the channel partners is provided through India’s one of the leading recruitment organization. BSN gives you a proper portal support for the management of information of the candidates. This is the best platform for a quick accessibilty to all relevent information.

Database Management-

A proper management and acquisition of the information in a designed software to collect, retrieve, define and manipulate all the data in a database.
We maintain a working database of the available and enrolled candidates for various specializations. All the data will be kept on utilising using a fully managed database software.

Coordination support-

BSN provides proper support and well coordinated team ready 24*7 to work effectively and efficiently. Coordination and support actions along with Standardization, dissemination, awareness-raising and communication through various networking are our new age idea. Additionally, we provide Coordination and Technical Support of activities to the Outreached teams and partner network organizations.

Fixed Profit Sharing-

A fixed profit sharing procedure will be followed irrespective of the fact of any candidate’s placement. A registration process of the candidate will be required to enroll in the profit sharing criteria by the channel partners. Once the candidate is enrolled, the channel partners can have a lifetime chance for advancement royalty with our best candidate consultation services.

Generate revenue on the training programs as well with BSN. Enroll yourself with BSN and enjoy the benefits of payroll services with lifetime revenue. Have access to unlimited job browsing network and an edge to your preferred industry type.

Enroll yourself with BSN and enjoy the benefits of payroll services with lifetime revenue. Have access to unlimited job browsing network and an edge to your preferred industry type.

Opportunity for unplaced candidates.

BSN will provide you the best platform for your unplaced and unselected candidates all with no upfront costs giving you the opportunities to get them placed when registered once. Hence it is a lifetime earning opportunity on once registered candidate.

Virtual business development

Stop stressing out about your long term to-do list. BSN is there to make them possible for you. We will be standing next to you for providing you the best clients as per your requirements.  We also provide after placement opportunities on the leftover or unplaced candidates .Our sales efforts are consistent and organized bearing the cost of business development management and growing our business virtually together as well.

We have an automatic software reporting system for all your team.

“A set of external circumstances that together creates an exceptionally unfavorable economic environment makes it more difficult to survive solo in the competitive market”. But it will no longer be a problematic situation if we work together in the same direction of earning profit and growth.

Thinking of today’s situation of global pandemic, the best way to grow is grow together which will further establish a win-win situation for our channel partners because we provide you the right resources and supply you the best marketing tools that will surely ensure great value.

So, lets join hands to keep our businesses fresh and exciting!